Mister is developing a bit slower then is brother, but managed to win his class and is always placed.
When coat is coming back he will be shown more.
He is a soft and gentle boy with a great character. With his super health results he seems to have a bright future.



Ch. Ebbledown Riversleigh
HD BVA 3:6, Elbows BVA 0-0
Talliska Trade off to Lindjan Sh. Ch. Lindjan Xylonite
Gatchells Bewitched to Lovehayne(JW)
Ebbledown High Society Gatchells Jazz Player
Ebbledown Moonflower Mist
Ch Ringtone v.d. Beerse Hoeve
Hips BVA 3:5, Elbows BVA 0-00
Ch. Xanthos Apple Jack Ch Golmas Governor
Xanthos Orange Blossom
Midnight Madness v.d. Beerse Hoeve
Lux. Junior Ch.
Friendship Classic Tattoo
Ch Bibi-Blues of the Hellacious Acres