Sometimes I have young goldens available for loving pet homes.

They have no problems, are trained and well behaving.

Because of my strict selection, which I think is necessary before you breed,

could mean that some young ones didn't make it.

They need a loving pet home with people who just love them and nothing else.

They are non-breeding dogs!

If you are interested, please phone me.

I will not answer emails about the available young goldens.

Phone number: +31 493 539801 or +31 6 45354706

Nearly 8 months old girl.
Very soft and gentle girl. Only family home.
2 1/2 year big boy.
Very active/sportive dog, excellent health. Only family home.
* 15 months old boy.
Young dog, loves people, sensitive, excellent health and of course active as he is a young boy. Only family home.
* Due personal circumstances I have several from my stud dogs available.
Young ones, proven sires and Champions.


For above dogs you only can phone me. Emails will be ignored.
anonymous calls will also be ignored. Watch for that.

 Phone number: +31 493 539801 or +31 6 45354706